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BGMC Grand Club Coin
BGMC Grand Club Coin
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BGMC is announcing our first-ever award for kids who have achieved extraordinary giving through BGMC. This is our Buddy Grand Club Coin. The award is to be presented to a kid who has given $1000 in their lifetime to BGMC. It is designed to be presented by the pastor at church or by a district official at a district event. Here are the guidelines:
  • Any age kid can begin to earn the award prior to entering the youth group.
  • The parent will be responsible for keeping records to determine when the kid has reached the $1000 mark.
  • If a kid has already been giving to BGMC prior to learning about this award, the parent may estimate the amount that has already been given and apply that toward the goal.
  • A kid who has not reached the $1000 mark upon entering youth ministry may finish earning the award by giving to Speed the Light. Again, the parent must keep a record and determine when the goal has been reached.
  • If a kid is in youth group at the time of learning about this award but has already given $1000 to BGMC while younger, that kid can also obtain the award.

The Buddy Grand Club Coin may be purchased by anyone. You can also find a downloadable certificate to present along with the coin. Visit to register the award winner and to download the certificate.
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