JBQ I Buzzed In Award Pin
JBQ I Buzzed In Award Pin
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Got a shy quizzer who rarely buzzes in? Encourage them to get out there with the JBQ I Buzzed In Award Pin. With this award on the table, your non-buzzers will turn into buzzing champs!

Leaders decide when to hand out this pin, so boost morale on the team by awarding this and other discretionary pins out when you think the time is right. Quizzers will want to collect all the JBQ award pins and display them on the JBQ lanyard to let everyone know about their quizzing accomplishments.

Junior Bible Quiz (JBQ) is designed to engage the optimum learning age from grades first through sixth so that God’s Word will be hidden deep in children’s hearts. What they learn now can provide the motivation to live for Him into adulthood and beyond. This program uses the Bible Fact-Pak Question Cards that include over 500 questions and answers in order to make learning about the Bible not only systematic and complete, but fun and challenging. When kids are having fun, they’ll learn better, faster, and retain the information longer.

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Product Details

Packaging: poly bagged
Material: stamped copper with soft enamel fill, shiny nickel finish
Size: 1 in. diameter
Closure: butterfly clutch
Publisher: Gospel Publishing House
Pub. Date: June 2016
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