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360 - Degree Disciple
360 - Degree Disciple
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by Alton Garrison

Discover how to produce transformed, godly disciples who circle around to draw others to Christ. This handbook will challenge you to evaluate your own spiritual walk as well as explore the various stages of discipleship— from knowing Christ to becoming a mature leader who disciples others. A special section covers discipling children, youth, families, and people of diverse ethnicities. (Updated and expanded, previously published as Building the Winning Team.) Paper.

“Strong discipleship training has been at the heart of my ministry. Alton Garrison reinforces this in a practical approach that can be applied within churches of any size.”
~ Tommy Barnett, Pastor,
Phoenix First Assembly of God,
Dream Centers: Phoenix, LA, NY


1. The Case for Maturity
2. Characteristics of Maturity
3. Committing to a Life of Maturity
4. A Climate for Maturity
5. Communicating for Maturity
6. The Corporate Maturity
7. Creating Programs for Maturity
8. Continuous Lifetime Maturity
9. A Recipe for Discipleship
10. Personal Evangelism and Discipling New Believers
11. Mentors and Discipleship
12. Transcending Ethnic Challenges in Effective Discipleship
13. Discipling Children
14. Youth Discipleship
15. Spiritual Formation through Intergenerational and Family Ministries
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