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Essentials Teacher's Manual -  Preschool
Essentials Teacher's Manual - Preschool
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Give your preschoolers the complete curriculum—educationally and spiritually. Your church preschool has the incredible opportunity to grow the hearts and minds of little ones. Essentials curriculum seamlessly weaves education concepts and God’s truth, teaching children the most fundamental reality—God is part of our everyday lives!

Developed by educators, Essentials provides thorough lesson plans and activities in a scope and sequence that grow preschoolers’ development in five areas:

• Mental
• Physical
• Social
• Emotional
• Spiritual

The 52-week lessons are built in themes. Every day’s schedule includes a teacher introducing the week’s theme and then options for Bible Time, Teaching Time (language, science, social studies, math), and Center Time (art, block, book, dramatic play, fun foods, games, music & movement, outdoor, puzzles, reading & writing, sensory table, and field trips). The music part of lessons is easy with the included Little Explorers: Songs for Preschoolers Vol. 1 & 2 CD.

Teacher introductions:
• Age-level characteristics
• Basic Writing Stages
• Basic Reading Stages
• Basic Math Stages
• Room Arrangement
• Classroom Management Strategiesv • Learning Styles

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Download the Preschool Scope and Sequence (PDF, 50KB) and/or a Sample Lesson (PDF, 3.15MB).
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