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Integrity at Stake

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Integrity at Stake
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Integrity at Stake: Safeguarding Your Church from Financial Fraud
by Rollie Dimos

This excellent new book is interesting and important. You need to read it—and so do the members of your leadership team.

Rollie Dimos shares real-life fraud examples to help you recognize common abuses that occur in churches and other non-profits. While the info he shares may startle you, it’s valid, and can protect your church.

The bad news is that when fraud occurs, significant spiritual ramifications linger long after. It can cause a huge drop in attendance and reduce the effectiveness of your ministry.

There is good news, though. By adding a few simple controls, you can safeguard your church and continue your outreach to those who already know Jesus and those who still need to meet Him.

Product Details

Format: paperback
Pages: 160
Size: 5½ x 8½
ISBN: 9780310525004
Publisher: Zondervan
Pub. Date: February 2, 2016

Meet the Author

Rollie Dimos is a certified fraud examiner and internal auditor. He has a deep desire to help church leaders reduce the risk of fraud and increase financial accountability and integrity. As an auditor in the government and nonprofit sectors, Rollie has been helping leaders assess the strength of their organizational controls for over twenty-five years. He is a graduate of Evangel University and the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary and speaks frequently at conferences around the country on the topic. Rollie resides in Ozark, Missouri with his wife and children.

Available in Spanish

La integridad en riesgo

Table of Contents

Foreword by Doug Clay
Who Should Read This Book

SECTION ONE: Fraud: A Frank Discussion on the Potential Risks to Your Organization
  1. Fraud Risk: What Every Leader Needs to Know
  2. Internal Control & Risk Management
  3. Moving Forward After Fraud

SECTION TWO: Case Studies: True Stories of Fraud & Practical Ways to Prevent It
Case Study 1: Skimming Donations
Case Study 2: Secret Bank Account
Case Study 3: Writing Blank Checks
Case Study 4: Charge Accounts
Case Study 5: Separate Checking Accounts
Case Study 6: Electronic Funds Transfers
Case Study 7: Credit Card Abuse
Case Study 8: Credit Card Refunds
Case Study 9: Unpaid Payroll Taxes
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