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Rights & Permissions

Publication Rights & Permissions

Welcome to My Healthy Church. My Healthy Church and its affiliates provide this service to you subject to the following notices, terms, and conditions.

My Healthy Church owns all publications. Publications may be defined as and include any periodical, curricular, and book in print and/or electronic media. It is understood that departments/divisions of the General Council of the Assemblies of God, Inc. originate and/or develop various publications. Publications generally include a copyright by the publisher, My Healthy Church.

My Healthy Church administrates policies pertaining to trademarks (logos) and copyright use and applications, and permissions to reproduce publications and/or logos in all media format both present and future. Media format is defined as, but not limited to, print and electronic media. In most instances, requests to reproduce all or portions of periodicals will be directed to the respective editorial offices where permission may be granted based on pre-established usage policy. If a permission request is not reached between the requesting party and publisher, My Healthy Church, the request may be deferred to the Board of Publication. My Healthy Church maintains a database of permission granted.



How do I know if I need to get permission…? 
…if I want to use something from an My Healthy Church periodical? 
All use of My Healthy Church magazines and periodicals (text, photographs, graphics, etc.) require permission from the publisher.

Please be advised that when articles or photographs are credited to a source other than that particular periodical/magazine (such as AP Photo) it is most likely that the credit source is the copyright holder and would need to be contacted directly for permission to use.

Usage Policy: My Healthy Church periodicals purchase exclusive one-time rights from our authors. Therefore we are unable to allow the articles that appear in our publications to appear elsewhere on the internet other than the official Website of My Healthy Church and its subsidiaries.

Web Usage Policy: We purchase exclusive one-time rights from our authors. We do not allow our articles to appear elsewhere on the Internet other then the official Website of My Healthy Church and its subsidiaries. However, Church websites may use up to 300 words from a publication as long as clear copyright information is included and a link to the site is included. Exceptions to this policy include daily devotionals and gospel tracts which may not be reproduced on a website.

…if I want to use something from a daily devotional or gospel tract?

My Healthy Church does not permit daily devotionals and gospel tracts to be reproduced on a website.

…if I want to use something from a book published by My Healthy Church?

Permission is not required if you are quoting/reproducing less than 300 words from any My Healthy Church publication for a one-time use in ministry, educational, or personal use. You may photocopy text only up to 25 copies.

If your request falls within these guidelines please include the following statement:
“Taken from (name of book) by (author) Copyright © (date) by (copyright holder). Used with permission from My Healthy Church.”

All other inquiries require a written or electronically submitted request.
Please include in a written request:
Name, Church/Organization, Address, Email Address, and an explanation of usage including: Name of book, number of words including page number and paragraphs, purpose of request, number of copies to be made, etc.

Email: Rights & Permissions
Fax: 417.863.1874

Postal Address:
My Healthy Church
Rights and Permissions
1445 North Boonville Avenue
Springfield, Missouri 65802-1894


What items am I allowed to use the Faith Case logo, MEGA Sports Camp logo, etc. on? 
Acceptable legal uses for logos and products owned by My Healthy Church are:
  • Stationery and business cards for professional and personal use
  • Promotion of an event on:
    Programs, Bulletins, Flyers, Posters, Newsletters
Logo may be used on event-related salable item for one-time use only (e.g., retreat t-shirt, walk-a-thon shirt, etc.) The item must state the name of the church or district and/or event and dates, if applicable. The item cannot be an ongoing salable item. Prior to using the trademarked/copyrighted item, permission must be granted in written form by the Rights and Permissions Coordinator for My Healthy Church. Contact may be made by emailing Rights & Permissions.

Unacceptable Uses:
  • Product manufactured with logo for salable purposes.
  • Use other than any product mentioned above.
This policy applies to all trademarked/copyrighted products, manuals, badges, books, manuals, etc.


Can I just call and get verbal permission over the phone? 
No. For legal purposes My Healthy Church will only accept electronic or written requests and will reply to your request in writing.


How long will it take until I get a response to my request? 
Please allow My Healthy Church 2-4 weeks to respond to your request.


Why do I even need to get permission? 
Once an idea has been produced in any tangible form, the owner of the work has the sole right to copy the work, or to allow others to copy it. The term “copyright” is the protection given to the person who has created such a work. The main goal of copyright registration is to encourage the creation of new intellectual and artistic works, and therefore it is important that the copyright laws be respected.