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Journey Bible Stories Series 1
Journey Bible Stories Series 1
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Journey Bible Stories Series 1
by Amy Flattery

JOURNEY BIBLE STORIES is a new children’s devotional series that brings the lands and stories of the Bible to life for the entire family. 

JOURNEY BIBLE STORIES combines authentic visuals of the lands of the Bible, maps, hide & seek, prayer, a memory verse, coloring, Q&A, cartoon characters, and videos from the lands of the Bible to introduce the stories and truths of the Bible to children.

Each book provides an opportunity for you and your child to see the lands of the Bible and to grow in faith together.

Series 1:
   Book One--Clair Lives Where? 
   Book Two--Jesus, The Child
   Book Three--Zaccheus Meets Jesus

Clair Lives Where?
You will meet Clair (and Clyde) as she introduces Israel, some of her favorite people, and her favorite places.

Jesus, The Child
You will meet Clair the camel s she introduces the childhood of Jesus and the love God has for us. 

Zaccheus Meets Jesus
You will meet Simon the sheep as he introduces the story of Zacchaeus. Children will learn how Jesus can change the heart of anyone.

About the Author

Amy Flattery grew up in Lynden, Washington. She attended Calvin College and earned a B.A. in biblical studies and theology. In 1997, she moved to Jerusalem, Israel, to pursue an M.A. at Jerusalem University College. She studied New Testament backgrounds and Jewish history of the Second Temple Period. In 2002, she moved to Belgium where she lectured at Continental Theological Seminary. Amy serves as the director of the Center for Holy Lands Studies, which was founded in 2009. As an author and public speaker, she presents at events around the world and teaches on several trips to the lands of the Bible each year. Amy is an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God. She is married to Dr. Mark Flattery, president of Network211. Together they also serve as Assemblies of God world missionaries. Most importantly, they have six amazing kids.

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