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Bible Master Award
Bible Master Award
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The Bible Master Award program is a great way to recognize an individual’s efforts in mastering the questions and answers from the Bible Fact-Pak Question Cards.

The Bible Master Award program allows individuals to improve their knowledge and understanding of the Bible, but can also be used in noncompetitive settings. It can be used along with Sunday School curriculum, in children’s church, in Christian schools, at camps, and in other children’s ministries programs. It’s a wonderful activity for families to do together. Each family member can work at their own level while studying the information together. Many families have used the Bible Fact-Pak questions and answers for their family devotions and in homeschooling.

Not only can the Bible Master Award program be used with children, but it can also recognize adults who have mastered the Bible Fact-Pak Question Cards. Achievement is recognized through the award certificate and accompanying stickers.

Package includes ten certificates and ten each of the stickers for Discoverer, Searcher, and Achiever levels, and an instruction sheet.

For more information, see: www.nationaljbq.org.

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Packaging: Pack of 10
Size: 11 x 8.5 in.
Publisher: Gospel Publishing House
Pub. Date: October 18, 2019
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