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MEGA Sports Camp® Blaze a Trail Starter Kit

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MEGA Sports Camp® Blaze a Trail Starter Kit
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About the Blaze a Trail Theme

MEGA Sports Camp Blaze a Trail invites kids to live an adventure with Jesus! When someone blazes a trail, they step off the path into the unknown. Along the way, they leave marks for others to follow. Kids will learn that Jesus blazed the trail for our salvation! As they follow Jesus, they can live their own adventure that points people to Jesus. 

Athletes blaze trails when they set new records and act as extraordinary examples. To blaze a trail, you also must prepare yourself properly,  commit despite the risks, endure through difficulties, follow the leader, and leave your mark

About MEGA Sports Camp® VBS

At a MEGA Sports Camp® VBS, churches report up to 90 percent guests. This is the perfect outreach opportunity for your community! It’s action-packed, unforgettable, and life changing.
MEGA Sports Camp® VBS provides for preschool and elementary-aged kids featuring:
  • High-energy rallies
  • Sports training
  • Small groups
  • Engaging Bible lessons followed by guided response times
  • and a whole lot of FUN
Engage a whole new set of volunteers with this sports-themed VBS—dads, sports enthusiasts, and even teens, who will be lining up to share their love of sports and Jesus.
What’s Inside Your MEGA Sports Camp® Blaze a Trail  Starter Kit?
The Essentials:
  • Digital Flash Drive—includes music videos, art, media, promotions, and more!
  • Director Guide
  • Rally Guide—for large group time
  • Coach Huddle Guide—for small group time
  • Preschool Bible Time Guide
  • Preschool Sports Basics Playbook
  • Soccer Playbook
  • Basketball Playbook
  • Cheerleading Playbook
  • Salvation Share Square
  • Now What? for Kids—Salvation*
Add Some Extra Fun!*
  • Blaze a Trail t-shirt NEW!
  • Water Bottle 
  • MEGA Verse wristband NEW!
  • Sports Flash rally response and review
  • Theme Keeper Buttons
  • And more fun items!
*We’ve included samples of these items, but you’ll want to order extras for kids and volunteers!
 Learn more at MEGASportsCamp.com.
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