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Foundations Flash Drive

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Foundations Flash Drive
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Foundations Flash Drive:
Lessons in Discipleship From the New Testament Church

12-Part Video Series and Study Guide
Through this 12-session video and study series, filmed in Turkey,  you will explore the New Testament time-period to understand more about the world of the disciples and the Early Church. You will encounter the challenges, beliefs, and drive of those who gave their lives to obey the command of Jesus. You will gain even more tools to help spread the gospel to all people, everywhere!

The “Foundations” series uncovers the paths of ancient sites and roadways, and discusses the life and persons of the New Testament Church. The series views first-hand the spread of the gospel message, its lessons in discipleship, its impact on the Church, and how it is foundational for our lives today.

Use as a personal study, a small group study, or together as a study for the entire church.
  1. Introduction – To the Ends of The Earth
  2. Ephesus - Paul and the Church of Ephesus
  3. Colossae - The Light of the Lycus Valley
  4. Miletus - The Faithful Leaders of the Church
  5. Didyma - The World and the Church
  6. Ephesus - The Church that Lost its Fire
  7. Smyrna - The Church of Righteous Suffering
  8. Pergamum - The Church Caught on the Edge
  9. Thyatira - The Tolerant Church
  10. Sardis - The Dying Church
  11. Philadelphia - The Church of Perseverance
  12. Laodicea - The Lukewarm Church
Flash Drive Includes:
  • 12-Part Study Video Series Full Study Guide
  • 12 Sermon Outlines
  • Full Graphics Package
  • High Resolution Photos
  • Supporting B-roll
  • Promotional Items
  • Maps
  • 12 Free Devotionals
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Format: flash drive
Publisher: Salubris Resources
Pub. Date: July 7, 2021

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