From Leaders For Leaders
From Leaders For Leaders
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From Leaders For Leaders: A Guide for Those Called into the Ministry
Wisdom compiled from 22 leaders in ministry


Introducing From Leaders For Leaders, a compelling guide enriched with profound leadership insights from esteemed figures within our Fellowship. Let the wisdom on these pages inspire a transformative journey, empowering you to walk with Jesus and extend His love to a world in need.

In a pivotal era, this book beckons the current generation to embrace their role as Spirit-driven ministers, equipped with agile thinking, effective communication, creative problem-solving, initiative-taking, and compassionate innovation.

Dive into the essence of Pentecostal leadership, where the directive to proclaim the gospel and nurture disciples worldwide intertwines seamlessly with a commitment to preserving our heritage through reliance on the Holy Spirit's empowerment. Embrace your ministerial calling with a heart attuned to the ways of the Lord, a mind delving into God's word, and a spirit open to the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

From Leaders For Leaders is your roadmap to impactful and spirit-led leadership.

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Format:  Hard
Pages:   240
Size:  9.25 x 11"
ISBN:  9781607316916
Publisher:  Gospel Publishing House
Pub. Date: Jan 2024
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