They Spoke from God
They Spoke from God
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They Spoke from God: A Survey of the Old Testament

The textbook you want to read and use for Bible study…even when you’re not taking a class.

With simple language and a personal style, They Spoke from God weaves together Old Testament passages to show how they tell the story of God at work to redeem His people. Instead of following a book-by-book summary or a division by literary genre, Williams uses a theology of history as the unifying theme. Since it not only explains relevant Scriptures—but relates them to historical, theological, and ethical questions—They Spoke from God will enrich your sermon study, as well as Sunday School teachers’ preparation and study. Consider one for the main speakers in your church and for your pastoral library.

Hard. 920 pages.

  1. What is the Old Testament?
  2. In the Beginning
  3. Paradise Lost: The Origin and Spread of Human Evil
  4. What Was the Old Testament World
  5. A Wandering Aramean
  6. With a Strong Hand and an Outstretched Arm
  7. God Reveals Himself to His People
  8. Through the Vast and Dreadful Desert
  9. Canaan: Conquest, Covenant Renewal, and Crisis
  10. From Tribal League to Kingdom
  11. Israel Acquires Empire
  12. Sweet Singers and Sages: Israel’s Poetry and Wisdom
  13. The Great Divorce
  14. Long Day’s Journey into Night: Israel, the Northern Kingdom
  15. Just Stayin’ Alive: Judah from Rehoboam to Hezekiah
  16. Hear the Word of the Lord: The Rise of the Prophetic Movement
  17. On the Edge of Night: Judah from Manasseh to the Exile
  18. The Lord Brought Back the Captives to Zion

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Publisher: Logion Press
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