The Beatitudes
The Beatitudes
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by George O. Wood

We are so accustomed to the Beatitudes’ beautiful melody line that we fail to hear the strong note of authority running harmoniously beneath it. You may ask yourself: Who does Jesus think He is to announce blessings on such a disconsolate group of people? He promises things like God’s kingdom to the poor in spirit, comfort to the mourning, an earthly inheritance to the meek, and an eternal reward for the persecuted. How can one really be blessed in such dire circumstances?

Experience the Beatitudes in the Book of Matthew and find out what it is to be truly blessed with Wood’s wise and thoughtful insights. Paper. 56 pages.

“The Beatitudes do not show Jesus as an exemplary more teacher, though He is. Rather, they show Him as something more, more than even a prophet. He is ‘the Christ, the Son of the Living God.’” ~George O. Wood
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