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Second Chronicles Seven Fourteen
Second Chronicles Seven Fourteen
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Second Chronicles Seven Fourteen: A 28-Day Journey in Prayer
by Jim Bradford

Sometimes prayer may feel more like a formal meeting between the CEO of heaven and a lowly mail clerk. In reality, prayer is a conversation between a loving Father and His child—you. Through time spent in conversation with God, we begin to understand that He is always with us and not far away.

Praying for ourselves may be something that comes easily—personal wants and needs have a central place in our focus. But how do you pray for people or situations you don’t know and can’t relate to? How do you pray for things that don’t affect you?

In twenty-eight days, Jim Bradford walks you through intentional ways to make your time of prayer meaningful and effective. He will help you learn how to pray for your needs, the needs of family and friends, your local church, and community. He will help you pray effectively for those around the world—people you’ll never meet.

Includes daily devotion, daily prayer focus, thoughts on kinds of prayers to pray, Bible verses on prayer, weekly reflection, resources to help develop your prayer life, and room for journaling.

Product Details

Format: paper
Pages: 96
Size: 5½ x 8½
ISBN: 9781624230400
Pub. Date: January 2013

Meet the Author

Jim Bradford holds a PhD in aerospace engineering from the University of Minnesota. While in college, he led a Bible study that eventually grew into a university church. Upon graduation, Jim entered full-time ministry with that campus outreach. Since then he has pastored in British Columbia, California, and Missouri, and serves as general secretary for the Assemblies of God. He and his wife, Sandi, have two daughters.

Table of Contents

Day 1: Worship God
Day 2: Worship God
Day 3: Worship God
Day 4: Open Your Heart
Day 5: Mind
Day 6: Body
Day 7: Vision
Reflection: Breakthrough Prayer

Day 1: Spouse
Day 2: Children
Day 3: Parents
Day 4: Siblings
Day 5: The Next Generation of Children
Day 6: Extended Family
Day 7: Mentors and Closest Friends
Reflection: Five Myths About People Who Pray

Day 1: Church Body
Day 2: Pastors and Staff
Day 3: Small Groups and Friends
Day 4: Youth and Young Adults
Day 5: Children
Day 6: Local Outreach
Day 7: Discipleship
Reflection: Desperation Praying

Day 1: The President and Washington DC
Day 2: Local Leaders
Day 3: Spiritual Awakening in Our Country
Day 4: The Persecuted Church
Day 5: Missionaries
Day 6: Unreached Peoples
Day 7: A Mobilized Church
Reflection: Ten Keys for a Growing Prayer Life
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