Courageous Compassion
Courageous Compassion
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Courageous Compassion: Confronting Social Injustice God's Way
by Beth Grant

Through the eyes of Jesus, you will see those to whom He was drawn as potential men and women of God on a healing, life-changing journey. A challenge to our pale definition of compassion, the message of this book is bold, necessarily courageous, and disruptively life-transforming. If you let it, your worldview and life will be changed forever.

“Courageous compassion has many faces in many places around our globe. But like Jesus, it takes a bold compassion to bless, restore, and empower those whom the powerful view as weaker and less important.”—Dr. Beth Grant

Learn from people who enthusiastically feed the hungry, weep over alcoholics, start a hospital, care for hurting children, and powerfully share the Word of God.

Combining sound biblical insights with amazing stories of the sexually enslaved who have found freedom, Dr. Beth Grant demonstrates that spiritual darkness is more than a concept. Yet spiritual Light is also a liberating, loving, healing, transforming reality.

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Format: paper
Pages: 304
Size: 5½ x 8½
ISBN: 9781624231056
Pub. Date: August 2014

Meet the Author

Beth Grant along with her husband David, has served in missions for over thirty-seven years. Their heart for missions has taken them to over thirty countries in the world, but their focus has been in India where Beth serves as codirector of Project Rescue, a ministry to survivors of sex trafficking.

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