His Needs, Her Needs
His Needs, Her Needs
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His Needs Her Needs: Building an Affair-Proof Marriage
by Willard F. Harley Jr.

What will it take to make your marriage sizzle?

Time after time, His Needs, Her Needs has topped the charts as the best marriage book available. More than any other, this book helps husbands and wives give each other what they need most in marriage.

The millions of couples who have read His Needs, Her Needs have learned to keep the romance alive, and they are recommending it to others. Join those who have seen spectacular changes in their marriages by following Dr. Harley's tried and proven counsel. You will discover that an outstanding marriage can be more than a dream--it can be your reality.

Millions have already discovered the power of this book. Isn't it time you did as well?

Product Details

Format: hardcover
Pages: 240
Size: 6 x 9
ISBN: 9780800719388
Publisher: Revell
Pub. Date: February 2011

Available in Spanish

Lo que él necesita lo que ella necesita

Table of Contents


  1. How Affair-Proof Is Your Marriage?
  2. Why Your Love Bank Never Closes
  3. The First Thing She Can't Do Without—Affection
  4. The First Thing He Can't Do Without—Sexual Fulfillment
  5. She Needs Him to talk to Her—Conversation
  6. He Needs Her to Be His Playmate—Recreational Companionship
  7. She Needs to Trust Him Totally—Honesty and Opennes
  8. He Needs a Good-looking Wife—An Attrative Spouse
  9. She Needs Enough Money to Live Comfortably—Financial Support
10. He Needs Peace and Quiet—Domestic Support
11. She Needs Him to Be a Good Father—Family Commitment
12. He Needs Her to Be Proud of Him—Admiration
13. How to Survive an Affair
14. From Incompatible to Irresistible

  A. The Most Important Emotional Needs
  B. Emotional Needs Questionnaire
  C. Recreational Enjoyment Inventory
  D. Financial Support Inventory
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