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The 21 Day Jumpstart | My Healthy Church®
The 21 Day Jumpstart
The 21 Day Jumpstart
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Living the Seven Words of Jesus (“I must be about My Father’s business.”) – 21 days in a row! This resource provides 21 stories of famous people throughout history like Mother Teresa and Martin Luther who were all changed around the age of 12! Each day there is a devotional exercise for your tween to complete designed to help them develop a healthy devotional habit by the end of the 21 days. This can also be used as a 21 week lesson plan to inspire your preteens to change the world like those from the past at a young age.

How do I use the 21 Day Jumpstart?
As a Leader resource: This exciting book has been used as springboard by teachers for a series on changing the world, as an illustration resource, and a full blown curriculum for up to 21 weeks using the daily worksheets as handouts in class. As a Student Devotional: It is also great as a daily devotional for preteens, because it is has been proven that after a student practices something for 21 days in a row, it is much more likely to become a habit.

Paper. 74 pages. 7 x 8 3/8"
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