Get Your Joy Back

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Get Your Joy Back
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Get Your Joy Back: Banishing Resentment and Reclaiming Confidence in Your Special Needs Family
by Laurie Wallin

An invitation and a promise for weary Christian parents of special needs kids from a parent who's been there.

Parents of specials needs children are exhausted. They've done all the research, consulted all the experts, joined support groups, gotten counseling, fought for the best life for their children. Often just caring for their children's needs and attempting to maintain a home maxes out parents' mental, emotional, and spiritual reserves.

Laurie Wallin knows firsthand the difficulties of this journey. With Get Your Joy Back, she steps forward to make a bold, audacious claim: in the midst of this long-term, intense task, it is still possible to have an abundant life, full of joy. The key to radically changing daily life and restoring joy to the weary is forgiveness. Wallin gives parents a lifeline to find that restoration, pulling them back to shore when they feel like they're drowning.

This book is full of practical, biblical insights and strategies to shed the resentments that leave Christian special-needs parents themselves spiritually, emotionally, and socially drained. Wallin meets readers right where they are, sugar coating nothing, but addressing issues with honesty, humor, and-- above all--hope.

Product Details

Format: paperback
Pages: 176
Size: 5½ x 8½
ISBN: 9780825443398
Pub. Date: January 2015

Meet the Author

Laurie Wallin strives every day to live out her message for families: that no matter the challenge, in Jesus they can have joy and confidence. She is mom to four girls, two of them with mental and developmental special needs. She has been a certified life coach for over a decade, and is a regular speaker at women’s events and retreats, a popular blogger, and the author of Why Your Weirdness Is Wonderful. Visit her at

Table of Contents

  1. Yes, You Can Enjoy Life Again
  2. Looking in the Mirror (Forgiving Yourself)
  3. Restoring Joy in How You See Yourself
  4. When Special Needs Don’t Feel Special (Forgiving Your Child)
  5. Rediscovering Joy with Your Special Child
  6. For Better or for Worse (Forgiving Your Spouse)
  7. Rekindling Joy with Your Spouse
  8. Can’t We All Just Get Along? (Forgiving Extended Family)
  9. Regaining Joy in Your Family
  10. When the Pros Don’t Know (Forgiving the Professionals)
  11. Reclaiming Joy and Confidence with the Pros
  12. Life on the Sidelines (Forgiving Church and Community)
  13. Rebuilding Joy in Community
  14. Is God Even Listening? (“Forgiving” God)
  15. Rediscovering Joy with God
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