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The One Jesus Loves
The One Jesus Loves
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The One Jesus Loves: Grace Is Unconditionally Given, Intimacy Must Be Relentlessly Pursued
by Robert Crosby

All of us want to feel connected as a part of the circles in which we run.

Jesus had an inner circle. As a matter of fact, He had several circles of relationships around Him that included varying degrees of intimacy. From the curious crowds, to the 5,000 in need, to the 70 who worked and served in His ministry, to the 12 who walked with Him, to the 3 who suffered and celebrated with Him, and finally, to the one who sat beside Him at the Last Supper. While many filled the outer rings of spectator and acquaintance, only a few followed all the way to the most intimate places.

In The One Jesus Loves, Bob Crosby shows readers how to deepen their personal relationship with God by considering those who walked closest to Jesus. Wherever you are in your pursuit of Christ, you can draw closer still.


“Jesus Christ calls us out of the crowds and into ever-increasing intimacy with himself. In The One Jesus Loved, Robert Crosby shows us how that call moves us through six circles of relationship. It is an excellent resource on following Jesus, and I enthusiastically recommend it.”— Dr. George O. Wood, general superintendent, The General Council of the Assemblies of God

Product Details

Format: paper
Pages: 336
Size: 5¼ x 8
ISBN: 9781400205776
Pub. Date: March 2014

Meet the Author

Robert Crosby is a conference speaker, writer, and pastoral leader. He has pastored churches in New York, Boston, and Ohio and served as a university vice president. He has authored several books, is a contributor to numerous periodicals and websites, and makes guest appearances on dozens of radio programs. He and his wife, Pamela, are the founders of Teaming Life Conferences and Resources.

Table of Contents

  1. An Outrageous Request

PART ONE: Approaching Christ, the Man
The Crowds: Observing the Words and Works of Christ
  2. The Rings of the Lord
  3. Closer
  4. Jesus’ POV
  5. The Bigger Story
  6. The Day Jesus Followed
  7. Crowdsurfing: Z’s Story

The Five Thousand: Enjoying the Gifts and Graces of Christ
  8. The Day Jesus Wanted to Be Alone
  9. Sack Lunch Spirituality
10. Something in the Way
11. My Kind of King
12. Thinking with Your Stomach
13. Crazy Talk?
14. LifeWords

PART TWO: Encountering Christ, the Lord
The Seventy: Serving the Purposes of Christ
15. Follow, Follow, Follow
16. Do, for You
17. Don’t Miss the Wow!
18. The Locker Room Speech
19. Thank You, George
20. We Can Work It Out
21. If You’ve Seen Me

The Twelve: Following the Call of Christ
22. The Following Leader
23. Let’s Get This Show on the Road
24. The Gospel According to Peter?
25. The Line Jesus Drew in the Sand
26. The Power of A.S.K.
27. Get Your Joy On
28. One in Every Crowd

PART THREE: Knowing Christ, the Friend
The Three: Knowing the Depths of Christ
29. Mama’s Prayers
30. Mountain View Lodge
31. Cloudy Christianity
32. Disney’s Dynamic Duo
33. Weeping with Christ
34. Cowboy Disciple
35. Speechless

The One: Experiencing the Death and Life of Christ
36. Crucified with Christ
37. The One Jesus Loved: Seven Giveaways
38. Risen with Jesus
39. John’s Favorite Word
40. John’s Best-Kept Secret: The 14:21 Principle

Conclusion: The Relentless Pursuit

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