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Cultural Intelligence
Cultural Intelligence
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Cultural Intelligence: Impriving Your CQ to Engage Our Multicultural World
by David A. Livermore

This vibrant new ministry tool helps Christians build relational bridges across national, ethnic, and organizational cultures. Our society is diverse. Believers who understand other cultures are better equipped to spread the lifesaving message of Jesus.

Cultural Intelligence is an engaging book that is very practical and rooted in scholarly research. It expands your awareness and sensitivity about people from other cultures while also delivering important insights, simulations, case studies, assessment tools, and exercises.

Excerpt: “What do you do when you encounter someone who isn't like you? How do you feel? What goes on inside you? How do you relate to him or her? These are the kinds of questions we want to explore in this book.

Few things are more basic to life than expressing love and respect for people who look, think, believe, act, and see differently than we do. We want to adapt to the barrage of cultures around us while still remaining true to ourselves. We want to let the world change us so that we can be part of changing the world …. Christian ministry at its core is interacting with all kinds of people in ways that give them glimpses of Jesus.”

Special Note: This book is a follow-up to the bestselling, Hurt 2.0: Inside the World of Today’s Teenagers.


"Written for anyone who is serious about ministry, this book explains why cultural intelligence is essential and what one must do to develop and employ it in the practice of ministry."— Sherwood Lingenfelter, author of Ministering Cross-Culturally

"In an era of drive-by short-term missions, selfish service projects, and ugly Americans, David Livermore brings reconstruction. He does not merely suggest cultural sensitivity; he helps us deconstruct and build something new—a pathway to cultural intelligence that can guide us to be citizens of the kingdom of God while being proactively engaged as neighbors in the world."--Mark Oestreicher, president, Youth Specialties

"Whether you are leading a short-term mission trip, doing local justice work, or simply want to more effectively love others, you are smart to read Cultural Intelligence. You are even smarter if you apply its profound insights to your life and ministry."—Kara E. Powell, executive director, Fuller Youth Institute, Fuller Theological Seminary

"In our increasingly interconnected, multicultural world, the need for cultural understanding has never been greater. Cultural Intelligence is an essential, foundational resource for anyone who desires to effectively interact across cultures. Read this book! It will enable you to understand your own culture and the lens through which you see all other cultures."—Paul Borthwick, author of How to Be a World-Class Christian

"Comprehensive and accessible, this book clearly details the cultural intelligence model for multicultural ministry. David Livermore has expanded the ideas of multiculturalism to include not only national cultures but also organizational and generational subcultures. He provides an ideal text and a valuable resource for building the core skills of cultural intelligence in individuals and organizations."—Soon Ang, executive director, Center for Leadership and Cultural Intelligence, Nanyang Business School, Singapore

Product Details

Series: Youth, Family, and Culture
Format: paperback
Pages: 288
Size: 6 x 9
ISBN: 9780801035890
Publisher: BakerAcademic
Pub. Date: March 2009

Meet the Author

David Livermore is a thought leader in cultural intelligence (CQ) and global leadership and the author of the new book, The Cultural Intelligence Difference. His book, Leading with Cultural Intelligence, was named a best-seller in business by The Washington Post. He's president and partner at the Cultural Intelligence Center ( in East Lansing, Michigan and a visiting research fellow at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

Prior to leading the Cultural Intelligence Center, Dave spent 20 years in leadership positions with a variety of non-profit organizations around the world and taught in universities. He's a frequent speaker and adviser to leaders in Fortune 500's, non- profits, and governments and has worked in more than 100 countries across the Americas, Africa, Asia, Australia, and Europe.

Dave loves to take research and make it accessible to practitioners. He has been interviewed and referenced by major news sources such as Atlantic Monthly, CBS News, The Christian Post, Christian Science Monitor, Christianity Today, The Economist, Forbes, NBC, The New York Times, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post.
Dave averages 35 international speaking engagements annually, addressing an average of 7500 leaders over a year. He also serves on several non-profit boards.

Dave and his wife Linda have 2 teenage daughters, Emily and Grace. Some of their favorite activities are traveling (fortunately!), hiking, eating Asian food, and walking to the local ice cream shop, Jersey Junction near their home in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Table of Contents

Series Preface

PART ONE: Love: CQ Overview
  1. Twenty-First-Century CQ: Getting Along in the Flat World
  2. First-Century CQ: God Speaks "Jesus"
  3. CQ 101: The Path to Loving the Other

PART TWO: Understand: Knowledge CQ
  4. The Average American: Understanding Our Own Culture
  5. Getting Below the Surface: What Is Culture Anyway?
  6. Hutus, Presbyterians, and Boomers: Cultural Domains
  7. When Yes Means No and No Means Yes: Language
  8. Why We Do What We Do: Cultural Values

PART THREE: Go Deep: Interpretive CQ
  9. Cruise control Off: Awareness and Empathy
10. What Makes an Apple an Apple? Labeling Our World
11. Being Okay with Gray: Category Width
12. Theory Gets a Bum Rap: A Model for Going Deep

PART FOUR: Express: Perseverance and Behavioral CQ
13. When the Goin' Gets Tough: Perseverance CQ
14. Kiss, Bow, or Shake: Behavioral CQ
15. Where Do We Go From Here? Twenty-Four Ways to Advance Your CQ

  A. Glossary
  B. Self-Assessment of CQ
  C. Research Context
  D. Forming a CQ Ministry Environment
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