GrandPrix Race Manager Pro
GrandPrix Race Manager Pro
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GrandPrix Race Manager™ is an application that will help you manage your Ranger Derby or similar race. GrandPrix Race Manager handles everything from registering racers to determining award winners, making your race more organized, shorter, and enjoyable for all. GrandPrix Race Manager is highly customizable and easy to use.

Key Features:

  • Flexible and Easy to Use
    • Step By Step Use—The software indicates the steps to take to run your race. Check off each step as you complete it.
    • Adapts to Different Types of Races—Customizable for racing cars, semi-trucks, Space Derby® rockets, Raingutter Regatta boats, and other race vehicles.
    • Not Tied to One Specific Way—The software gives you the flexibility to run a race in many different ways. The software will not dictate how you should run your race.
    • Customize to Your Organization—You can define your race groups and subgroups to be whatever you want.
    • Number of Lanes—Supports from 1 to 8 lane tracks.
    • Large Font Screens—Roster, Racing, On Deck, Standings, and Awards screens have fonts large enough to display to an audience on a large TV or projection system.
    • Highly Customizable—Many options are provided to allow you to customize the software to better suit your needs.
  • Racer Registration
    • Simple Racer Registration—Manually enter racers or import racer information from an existing spreadsheet or database. You can also import racer data from or export data to DerbyDMV.
    • Vehicle Number Flexibility—Racers can choose their own vehicle numbers or they can be assigned by the race staff or by the software.
    • Racer Photos—If you wish, you can add photos of each racer or of their race vehicle. You can even capture the photos directly from a web cam or video camera.* These photos will be displayed on the Racing, Heat Winner, Track Record, and Awards/Standings screens (Pro Version).
  • Race Scheduling
    • Static Scheduling—The software has built-in generators for Perfect-N Type and Lane Rotation schedules.
    • Dynamic Scheduling—Built-in Dynamic scheduler maximizes the number of racers to win at least one heat. Competition gets tighter for all racers as the race progresses, since racers are matched up based on performance.
    • Other Scheduling Methods—Compatible with other non-elimination scheduling methods such as Stearns, Round Robin, Chaotic Rotation, and others via import or manual entry (Pro Version).
    • Master Scheduling—Collate your group schedules for a round into a master schedule. Keeps racers more involved and not waiting for their group's turn to race (Pro Version). Note: Master Scheduling does not work with Dynamic scheduling.
    • Ad-Hoc Scheduling—You can even race without first building a schedule, for ad-hoc racing (Pro Version).
    • DOES NOT support Single, Double or Triple Elimination
  • Race Scoring—Score by points or by elapsed time.
    • Times Scoring—Score by your choice of Cumulative, Average or Single Fastest elapsed time. You can even ignore each racer's worst time, so one bad run doesn't hurt them!
    • Points Scoring—Points are awarded based on finish order.
    • Auto or Manual Entry—Results can be entered automatically, via one of the supported timing systems, or manually.
  • Running the Race
    • Race Rounds—Run any number of rounds for each race group. You can also run a Grand Finals round of the top finishers from each race group.
    • Full Featured Racing Screen
      • Displays current heat's racers and their lane assignments. Also displays results for each racer once heat is completed.
      • Displays "On Deck" racers.
      • Displays the list of top times (Pro Version).
      • Displays the track record time and record holder (Pro Version).
      • Automatically receive input from a timing system, if one used.
      • Run head-to-head tiebreaker heats, if needed.
      • Play sound effects.
      • Re-run a heat, if necessary.
      • And more...
    • Tiebreakers—If you have a tie in the standings, you can apply a set of tiebreaker rules to break it without any further racing. You can also break the ties in head-to-head fashion (Pro Version).
  • Hardware Interfaces
    • Timing Systems—Supports several popular timers, including Fast Track, NewBold Timers, RaceMaster, SmartLine, The Champ, and The Judge. It can also be configured to work with many other serial timers, even many DIY timers (Pro Version). Important Note: We make no guarantees on how well serial timers not specifically listed above will work with this software.
    • Start Light "Christmas Tree"—Supports triggering a compatible drag racing style start light "Christmas Tree" via the serial port.
    • Solenoid Start Gate—Supports triggering a compatible solenoid start gate via the serial port.
  • Awards and Standings
    • Awards Management—Define an unlimited number of design, speed and other awards. Designate the winners of each, after they are determined.
    • Certificates—Print out awards and participation certificates.
    • Awards Ceremony—Display the awards and speed standings during your awards ceremony.
  • Reports
    • Variety of Reports—Numerous reports are provided, from rosters to race statistics and everything in between. You can easily post these to your website.
    • Export Reports—Reports can be exported in a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file format so you can create your own custom reports.
    • Customizable—Several reports provide customization options.
  • Other Features
    • Race Statistics—Detailed statistics are provided for groups, racers, lane, and overall race performance measures.
    • Supports Power Point Presentation Remotes—Your MC or race director can control the large-font screens using one of these types of remote control.
    • Supports RaceFX Software—If you have our RaceFX Version 6.0 or above installed, then GrandPrix Race Manager can automatically control the playing of sound effects during the race (Pro Version).
    • Supports RaceReplay Software—If you have our RaceReplay installed, then GrandPrix Race Manager can automatically control the video recording and replay from the racing screen (Pro Version).
    • Supports DerbyWeb Add-On—DerbyWeb add-on interfaces with your GrandPrix Race Manager data file and allows your race crew and spectators to access specific race data via tablet computers or smart phones (Pro Version).
  • And much more...
* Snapshot feature requires a compatible video camera or webcam and a connection to your PC. See the Requirements tab for specific hardware needs.
GrandPrix Race Manager does not support elimination methods, like single, double and triple elimination, due to concerns over race fairness. A main goal for a race is to provide a fair race for the racers. A good set of rules aims to keep the competition competitive, but so too should the race scheduling method. How fair does it seem to the racer that is out after one or two races, while other racers run many more times? If you throw in the possibility of a "slow lane", then results are more up to chance than to how fast the car really was. Vehicle performance can also change over the course of a race, depending on a number of factors, which may very well affect the outcome of the race, but this may not be caught by elimination methods.

Minimum Software Requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows® (Vista, 7, 8/8.1 or 10)/li>
  • 2.0 GHz or better CPU
  • Web Browser to view the Hekp files (Internet connection is not required)
  • 135 MB of hard drive space
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • 800x600 screen resolution

Hardware Requirements (Snapshot Capture Feature):

  • A Webcam connected to the PC via a USB port.
  • Or a Video Camera connected to the PC via a FireWire cable.
  • Or a Video Camera connected to a compatible Video Capture Device§.
‡ FireWire is also known as IEEE-1394 or i-Link®
§ Video capture device must support Microsoft DirectShow.

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