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Truths for Life Student Guide
Truths for Life Student Guide
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Truths for Life Student Guide
The Doctrine Course for Spirit-filled Adults

by Clancy P. Hayes

What’s Inside

The Truths for Life Student Guide gives you the chance to really think about what you believe. Each session presents five questions that consider TfL principles, twelve Bible Review questions examining three Scripture passages, and two Life Response activities to help doctrine become a part of your daily life.

What You’ll Learn

Think of this guide as a journal you keep. The goal? To be reminded of basic Christian concepts like the nature of God and everybody’s need for salvation. To grasp the biblical truth about Jesus Christ, His death and resurrection, and His anticipated return. And to understand why we believe what we do about the baptism in the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues, and divine healing.

Why It’s Important

Christianity is all about becoming and living as God’s child through faith in Jesus Christ and the help of the Holy Spirit. So why study doctrine with Truths for Life? Because you have to know what you believe before you can reflect these beliefs in your daily thoughts and actions. This guide can help you learn Bible truths and prepare you to live by them.

How to Prepare

You’ll study as much of this guide as possible during Truths for Life sessions. The rest you can study on your own during your daily devotional time. But to get the most benefit from this guide, you need to pray for godly insight and the wisdom of the Holy Spirit as you study God’s Word and the beliefs of your church. Sincere prayer and a desire to learn are key tools for getting the most out of this Truths for Life course.

Product Details

Format: PDF ebook
Pages: 80
Publisher: Gospel Publishing House
Pub. Date: 2000

NOTE: The leader kit and video DVD are no longer available.
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