Parents First Kit, Church Edition
Parents First Kit, Church Edition
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Parents First Kit, Church Edition
Teaching Your Children the Truth About Sex: Discussing Sexuality with Your Children, From Infancy Through Adulthood
by Dr. Richard D. Dobbins

Sex should no longer be a taboo subject of discussion among believers. Most parents know they should be the primary sex educators of their children, but they don't know how. Here is a guide that prepares you to be the primary sex educator of your child from the day your child is born, through childhood, adolescence and continuing to marriage and beyond. From the opening pages you will discover that you not only want to read this book, but you will want to keep it as a reference for years to come.

The following topics are dealt with in a frank yet informative way and show you how you can:
  • Teach your kids to respect the sacredness of their bodies.
  • Help them make sense out of and embrace the sexual rules and guidelines you give them.
  • Instruct your children about sexual abuse and have a plan in place to deal with it.
  • Talk to your child before he/she gets into an "unsafe" situation.
  • Help your child avoid problems with the Web-based porn industry and sexual predators.
  • Manage wisely the most commonly asked questions about delicate issues without stumbling for words.
  • Explain good sexual stewardship with them (even if you haven't been an angel).
  • Discuss homosexuality in the context of physical and spiritual relationships.
  • What to teach your children before they say, "I do."
  • Explain the effects of aging on sex.
  • Help grandparents and other family members take part in sexual education.

The Parents First Kit includes:
  • Instructor's Guide
  • DVD (2 hour presentation of Dr. Dobbins addressing the importance of each chapter and how to discuss it)
  • Parent's Notebook
  • one copy of Teaching Your Children the Truth About Sex (hardcover)
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