No More Fear
No More Fear
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No More Fear: Break the Power of Intimidation in 40 Days
by Ashley Evans

Is the world limited in opportunities and resources, or is it unlimited, with boundless possibilities and blessings? If God is the source of all things and He is unlimited, then life is a treasure basket of dreams just waiting to become reality. Right? Although most Christians can easily speak this truth, many of them don’t live as though they truly believe it. And the primary reason for this contradiction between theory and practice is that they are controlled by fear.

In No More Fear, Ashley Evans takes readers on a forty-day journey to confront their fears, to better understand who God is and the authority He gives His followers, and start down the path that leads to victory. “God had a plan for my life, but the Enemy had a plan for it too,” he writes. “Fear is the primary tool the Enemy wielded against me to cause me to back away and begin to believe the world was a limited place. He wanted me to settle for less than what God had planned for me.” Other truths he shares throughout the book include:
  • Don’t choose to live in discontent, accepting less than what is rightfully yours, when God wants to turn your biggest dreams into reality.
  • Fear takes our attention away from God and focuses it on others. Letting go will free you to focus your attention on God, the source of our blessing, anointing, and power.
  • God’s call is not dependent upon our achievement of any human standard but by our obedience in pursuing the things of God.
  • Until you are scared to death at the thought of moving forward in the direction God is calling you, you will never experience the power and permission that only comes from Him.
  • Authority gives you clarity, discernment, and confidence, which are necessary to claim the full, abundant life we crave in our souls.
  • God’s plan often includes choosing the most unlikely candidate. He does this for the purpose of bringing about His glory on earth.
  • You are already victorious. Why would you accept a life that is anything less than what you have been promised and given?
Readers will finish this journey knowing that because Jesus faced death head on, overcame the grave, and is now alive in them, they are no longer bound by fear and intimidation. Their lives will reflect the truth that God has a plan for them and wants to do something big in and through them, if they will let Him.

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Format: paperback
Pages: 208
Size: 6 x 9
ISBN: 9781936699988
Publisher: Influence Resources
Pub. Date: September 1, 2012

Meet the Author

Ashley Evans is one of Australia's most respected leaders and sought-after speakers. As senior minister of Paradise Community Church he leads one of the largest and most vibrant churches in Australia ministering to thousands of people in four different locations. Under his leadership the congregation has grown both in number and influence in many areas.Ashley, together with his wife Jane, is recognized for his leadership and wisdom. They are creative leaders who are daring and innovative. Ashley is a member of the national executive of Australian Christian Churches, and ministers regularly across the nation and the world.

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