BGMC PowerPak 4 DVD
BGMC PowerPak 4 DVD
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BGMC PowerPak 4 DVD: Beyond the Barrel

Contains 10 short video clips showing where the BGMC funds go “Beyond the Barrel.” See how missionaries and missions organizations are blessed. Kids and adults will enjoy these clips. Each clip is approximately 2 minutes in length and are short enough to show in adult services. Each clip also comes in mp4 format.

Product Details

Format: DVD Video
Size: 5¼ x 7½
Publisher: Gospel Publishing House
Pub. Date: February 8, 2016

DVD Content

Beyond the Barrel—Africa’s Hope (2:03)
Beyond the Barrel—Dominican Republic (1:33)
Beyond the Barrel—HealthCare Ministries (1:51)
Beyond the Barrel—Kenya (1:33)
Beyond the Barrel—Madagascar (1:42)
Beyond the Barrel—Network 211 (1:48)
Beyond the Barrel—Philippines (1:51)
Beyond the Barrel—Project Rescue (1:50)
Beyond the Barrel—Romania (1:54)
Beyond the Barrel—Sustain Hope (1:51)
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