Volume 21-2019  BGMC Missions Manual Video Clips on DVD
Volume 21-2019  BGMC Missions Manual Video Clips on DVD
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The manual video clips DVD features video clips to accompany the lessons in the Volume 21 annual BGMC missions manual. Each missions lesson will become more appealing by showing a visual clip of that country. Your kids will enjoy seeing what life is like, how people live, and what BGMC is doing. Most of the video clips are past GO 360 video clips.  Each clip is between 3-5 minutes in length.

NOTE: These video clips are now embedded in the manual slide presentations. This disk is for those who prefer to play the video clips on a DVD player.

Video clips are for the following from the manual (in order):  Lessons in this manual: France, Uruguay, Africa Tabernacle Evangelism, Peru, Indonesia, Network211, Kyrgyzstan, Malawi, Albania, Madagascar, Thailand, Dominican Republic, and Chaplaincy Ministries.

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